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The videos in this section were captured "live" at the dance clubs in the second life virtual world. They demonstrate the various dance styles that I do. The videos are of my alternate avatar, Benji Le Tigré.

File Date Size  Description
03_x264.mp408-Dec-2020 3.44 I) The Macarena [The Macarena]
04.mp419-Nov-2020 4.27 I) Despacito [Jazz-Samba Style]
05.mp419-Nov-2020 4.47 I) This is how we do it [Jamiriquis St
06.mp419-Nov-2020 5.85 I) Come'on ride [Breakdance]
07_x264.mp431-Oct-2020 4.94 I) Things go Bump in the night
09_x264.mp408-Dec-2020 5.12 I) What I like about you [Jump Style]
10_x264.mp408-Dec-2020 3.88 I) Angel - Shaggy
11_x264.mp408-Dec-2020 4.10 I) Unknown Song [Salsa Style]
12_x264.mp408-Dec-2020 4.30 I) Kitty Girl - RuPaul
14_x264.mp419-Dec-2020 5.80 I) Bad Boys [Cripwalk Style]
15_x264.mp419-Dec-2020 5.81 I) Naked - Jonas Blue
16_x264.mp428-Jan-2021 3.71 I) Moves Like Jagger [Jagger Style]
17_x264.mp422-Feb-2021 5.38 I) Come'on ride [Breakdance]
18_x264.mp422-Feb-2021 7.01 I) Tearin' up my heart
19_x264.mp409-Mar-2021 3.84 P) This is how we do it
20_x264.mp422-Mar-2021 6.40 I) Space Jam [Funk Hip-Hop Style]
21_x264.mp422-Mar-2021 7.19 I) Touch It - Monifa
22_x264.mp419-Apr-2021 3.99 I) New Elysium [Breakdance]
23_x264.mp419-Apr-2021 3.16 I) Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
24_x264.mp419-Apr-2021 3.10 I) Bad Boy - Billie Eilish [Push-n-pul
25_x264.mp420-Apr-2021 3.02 I) The Sign [Breakdance]
26_x264.mp419-Nov-2022 7.83 Y) Fantastic Voyage [Top-Rock Style] *
27_x264.mp419-Nov-2022 8.12 Y) Baby one more time [Breakdance] *Y*
28_x264.mp426-Apr-2021 4.43 I) Cherry Cola - Savage Garden
30_x264.mp419-Nov-2022 7.80 I) We've got it goin' on - Backstreet
31_x264.mp427-Apr-2021 5.81 I) Men in Black [Top-Rock Style]
32_x264.mp424-May-2021 7.18 I) Everybody - Backstreet Boys [Breakd
33_x264.mp424-May-2021 14.30 L) The Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
34_x264.mp407-Jun-2021 4.42 I) One Week - Barenaked Ladies [Breakd
36_x264.mp414-Jun-2021 8.26 I) Make a Move - Royal Taylor [Top Roc
37_x264.mp428-Jun-2021 6.69 I) Scream & Shout - will.i.am [Top Roc
38_x264.mp428-Jun-2021 11.81 I) Rock Your Body - Timberlake [Hip-Ho
39_x264.mp409-Aug-2021 9.59 R) Big Bad Wolf - B5 [Hip-Hop Style]
40_x264.mp413-Aug-2021 9.67 R) Unknown Song [TopRock Style]
41_x264.mp416-Nov-2021 18.47 L) Holoween Party at Luna's Empire
42_x264.mp424-Jan-2022 6.09 Y) Shake That - Eminem [Top Rock Style
43_x264.mp423-Feb-2022 5.74 Y) Bailamos - Enrique Iglesias [Salsa]
44_x264.mp423-Feb-2022 5.85 Y) Pony - Ginuwine [Pop&Lock]
45_x264.mp423-Feb-2022 7.05 Y) Thong Song - Sisqo
46_x264.mp427-Feb-2022 5.09 A) You can't touch this [Hammer Style]
47_x264.mp427-Feb-2022 5.25 A) Bye Bye Bye - N*SYNC[Top Rock Style
48_x264.mp427-Feb-2022 7.23 A) The Power - Snap [Jazz/Funk Style]
49_x264.mp427-Feb-2022 5.37 A) Jumpin' - Destiny's Child [Hip-Hop
50_x264.mp405-May-2022 5.39 Y) Can't stop the feeling - Justin Tim
51_x264.mp405-May-2022 5.67 Y) Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie [Brea
52_x264.mp424-Oct-2022 7.94 Y) Friday Night - Katy Perry [Club Sty
53_x264.mp424-Oct-2022 7.99 Y) Levitating - Dua Lipa [Club Style]
54_x264.mp419-Nov-2022 8.30 Y) Time Warp [The Time Warp]
55_x264.mp419-Nov-2022 7.91 Y) Naked - Jonas Blue [Club]
56_x264.mp419-Nov-2022 7.86 Y) Mambo Mambo - Lou Bega [Mambo Frees
57_x264.mp412-Dec-2022 7.95 L) Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth
58_x264.mp412-Dec-2022 7.98 Y) Get it on Tonight [Breakdance]
SLT_Timewarp.mp420-Apr-2021 4.40 Practicing Dance Moves in Vacant Lot
SLT_Twist.mp420-Apr-2021 6.36 Practicing Dance Moves in Vacant Lot

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All of the videos are standard compressed MP4 video/audio. Each clip is about 30 seconds long. Videos 03 through 16 were with the standard SL client. Videos 17 through 40 were with the Firestorm Phoenix Client (Faster Framerate, no Nametags) Videos 41 onward are using the Alchemy Client (A bit faster Framerate, better Colour)

You can come join me in second life, and I will teach you some basic dance moves. I am typically at the Yiff Hangout club on Saturdays from 8pm to 10pm Pacific Time as Benji, and from 10pm to Midnight I DJ at the club as Jitar. Basic Second Life membership is FREE. You can get more information and sign-up at www.secondlife.com.

Although the Clubs I goto are normally Furry Clubs, human avatars are welcome.

I: Recorded at the IYC club; DJ Dark Dragon
P: Recorded at the IYC Pool; DJ Dark Dragon
Y: Recorded at the Yiff Hangout Club with DJ Dark Dragon
L: Recorded at Luna's Empire with DJ Razi
R: Recorded at Club Ren with DJ Dark Dragon